Kluge Partnership with Meta Horizon Worlds

We are proud to announce that Kluge has been working closely with Meta in building games for Horizon Worlds.

We are proud to formally announce that Kluge has been working closely with Meta in building games for Horizon Worlds. While we can’t say what we have been working on for the last two years, we do want to share some insights about our work and what it means to Kluge as a game studio.


First, some background:

  • While our work has been focused on making games for the platform, we do get to work closely with the Meta team, and get to provide feedback on their tools and in ways to make the platform better
  • We have seen this feedback constantly be taken into account, and can say that the toolset of the platform is evolving exponentially
  • Working with Meta has been a very positive experience. Our teams are well-synchronized and their passion for making good games is palpable
  • The games we started making at first were much more constrained and smaller in ambition than the games we are building today


What we have learned:

  • Building a social world is incredibly difficult. You are building the platform and the content for the platform at the same time. This is why Roblox started in 2004 and has put in “the work” to get to where it’s at today
  • Horizon started as a social platform. Some of these other social worlds like Fortnite (2011), Minecraft (2009) and even Rec Room (2016) started as core game experiences that later evolved into a platform. These are exceptions and outliers
  • In order to start a successful social platform like Horizon, you have to stay incredibly focused and be willing to launch and learn quickly. We’ve built an incredible variety of genres and styles that have taught us a lot about where to go next

Kluge is not the only game studio partnered with Meta on this. And in spite of public perception, Meta has been incredibly committed to games and game studios in Horizon.

Being on the inside gives us a different perspective. We are excited for the future of Horizon Worlds, its commitment to making fun games that get more people into VR, and the possibilities to make even better games from everything we are learning.