We are a versatile, cross-functional, digitally focused collective of designers, engineers, strategists and storytellers dedicated to the B2B space.

We help our clients create powerful and engaging digital brands that serve as the foundation for all key, customer-facing touch points.


Our unique approach leverages the principles of strategic design to help you define a clear visual identity based on clear business goals and objectives.

Our Approach

agile Agile workflow, two week sprints that constantly show the concrete process of the work.
holisticHolistic consideration of the overall marketing / sales / product needs.
workshopsWorkshops, conversations, and digital tools that keep good communication between the teams at all times.

Kluge excels at building complete and cohesive brand strategies. Our expertise is in using speed to expedite the development of actionable strategies.

After a decade of experience we have learned that speed forces companies to identify realistic goals, prototype early and consequently accelerate the development of creative assets, products and marketing strategies.


We understand that every company is different. Armed with a toolkit built on years of experience, our process is flexible and made to adapt to an evolving environment.


  • Alignment Workshops
  • Project Management Strategy
  • Product Strategy
  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Sales & Marketing Strategy
  • Content Marketing Strategy


  • Branding / Identity
  • Brand Governance
  • User Interface Design (UI)
  • Illustration & Iconography
  • Motion Graphics & 3D Animation
  • Virtual Reality Design

User Experience

  • Customer Personas & Journey Maps
  • User Experience Research
  • Wireframes & Prototypes
  • User Testing & Validation


  • Technology Roadmap
  • CMS Implementation
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Marketo / Pardot / Unbounce
  • Ruby on Rails App Development
  • Android and iOS Mobile